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Twenty4 Restaurant, Cafe, Burger Bar
Twenty4 Freshly Baked Breads

About Us

  • Twenty4 Restaurants was conceived long before it was finally implemented in Lazi, Siquijor on September 2017. My husband and I wanted to start a business and because he is an Executive Chef and his passion is food, we decided to open a restaurant. He has worked for several international corporate companies such as Shangri-La, Hilton, and Waldorf. He wanted this company to be more personal and decided on Twenty4, as the 24th was his birthday.

  • It started as Burger Bar, then added a Café, and finally the Restaurant. This was opened here in Siquijor just by happenstance. Before 2017, my family assigned me to be the administrator of our ancestral house in Lazi and during one of my trips here I saw a lot of foreigners, tourists, and residents as well. That gave me the idea of renting out the first floor of the house to be used as a place for dining as there was no decent place in this area, for eating and entertaining family and friends.

  • That’s the humble beginning of our café and restaurant and by God’s grace, it is celebrating its 5th year anniversary this month. And hopefully soon, will be branching out to a bigger place as we are planning to engage in catering both in-house and outside.

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